Adamas Higher Secondary Model School
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Approach to learning
An Integrated school of learning which synchronises the senior secondary curriculum with coaching for competitive Entrance Exams like IIT-JEE, AIPMT, AIIMS etc both under the same roof and during class hours.

At AHSMS, the senior secondary and IIT-JEE / Medical Entrance syllabi have been combined with a focus on basics of theory, logical thinking, and application of concepts and it took sometime for us to come up with such integrated course material.

In order to ensure the best performance in competitive exam as well as in Board exam, Adamas Higher Secondary Model School gives equal emphasis on both these aspects, yet giving a specialized professional touch to the preparation of each individual exam. The special lectures as per the Board pattern as well as JEE pattern along with the holistic approach, supported by synchronized learning ensures highest performance in Class- XII , JEE , AIPMT, AIIMS , WBJEE, International Science Olympiad etc.
Teaching Methodology :
At AHSMS, a topic is first covered at theoretical and easier level and then the faculty attuned to IIT-JEE/ AIPMT/ AIIMS syllabus take care of conceptual/ numerical ability. The students' time is equally distributed between Board and IIT-JEE/ Medical Entrance preparation which includes mains as well as advanced exam preparation.
Doubt Clearing :
We conduct regular doubt clearing sessions and our experienced faculty personally attend to all the doubts of the student. This creates a cohesive learning environment, and increases the studentís confidence to take on the exams.
Evaluation :
Weekly tests in the actual examination pattern are conducted every Saturday ( Board pattern ) and Sunday ( All India and state Entrance Exam Pattern )and students are counselled to draw out the best in them. Keeping in view the best career prospects after senior secondary, students are given result-oriented coaching. We believe that expert teaching must be supported by properly monitored study hours to ensure a studentís success.
Remedial Classes :
The studentís daily academic performance shall be monitored and if he is found to be falling below his expected standard of performance, he will be automatically brought under the purview of the subject in-charge. Based on the review tests conducted by the cell, the assessment of the studentís standard will be made and his major areas of weakness will be attended to a comparative analysis of the studentís academic progress will be prepared focusing on his problem areas and the remedial measures undertaken.
Learning Atmosphere
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