Adamas Higher Secondary Model School
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Life at the campus
The philosophy of Mr. Samit Roy has been to offer a separate campus for different streams. The rationale behind this move is to keep the students focused on their primary goal. Hostel accommodation is offered separately to boys and girls.

A residential campus is usually located in idyllic environment away from the din and bustle of the city. Round-the-clock vigil is maintained on the campus – especially girls’ hostels to make secure and protected. The authorities believe in offering rigid security for girl students to ensure comfortable ambience for study and privacy as well.
Hostel :
The hostel is under the supervision of Hostel-in-charge. The hostel staff attends to students and ensures that amenities offered to them are in good order. Students are provided with mineral water for drinking 24/7, and hot water for bath everyday.
Health care :
The campus also houses a sick-room for students who are indisposed. A qualified doctor attends to the healthcare of students. Free medicine is given to students who fall sick. Referrals are made to reputed hospitals whenever required. Parents are kept informed of the health status of students who are indisposed. Periodic check-up is done in areas of dental, eye-sight, and blood pressure.
Dialing Home :
Phones are kept within the hostel premises so that boarders can call parents and keep them posted of their well-being. Students can access only numbers given by parents.
Mess :
Meal time is when students interact with each other freely. We take a lot of care to prepare food under extremely hygienic conditions with a cosmopolitan spread. Students are offered health/energy drinks in the morning and in the evening break along with snacks, apart from the regular breakfast, lunch and dinner. Separate floors are allotted for the vegetarian and non-vegetarian students. Food is tasted by the administrative staff first before it is served to students to ensure quality and proper cooking. Of course no food can match food prepared at home. But best efforts are put in to ensure that students relish food on campus. After all the campus is their home for two years.
Hostel amenities :
The extra care and concern so needed at this stage of the student’s physical, mental, emotional and intellectual development is ensured by house the young talents under personal care of the Housemaster.
The school library known as "Anwesha" provides academic resources for all constituents of the school students, faculty and administrative staff. The library strives to make resources readily accessible when and wherever they are needed to enhance and promote the all-round growth and development of the students. The library endeavors to provide students with opportunities to learn here to utilize materials in a variety of formats to access information so that they can continue life-long learning.

A library collection stand out around 10,000 documents consists of books and multimedia on a variety of subjects. Computers with internet connectivity are also available in the laboratories for academic use. Library remains open till 8’clock on all working days.
Laboratories :
Well equipped Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Environmental Science laboratories, a state of the art Computer Department and IT centre are constantly buzzing with activity.
Multi – purpose Hall/recreation club :
A large multi-purpose hall is the centre of considerable activity and has facilities for indoor games like table tennis, carom etc. A large screen TV also provides the opportunity for students to watch movies, music, drama, sports etc as part recreation.
Gymnasium :
The school has its own gym, open from 6 am. to 8 pm. on all week days. Students also have access to various sports activities coached by our full-time sports instructor. Also twice a week at lunch time, an aerobics class is organised for staff and students.

Sports are fully integrated into the curriculum at Adamas Higher Secondary Model School.
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