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Message from the Director’s desk :
"Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man"
Swami Vivekananda

Dear Parents,
Education aims at the all-round development of character, children have to be prepared to face life in all its facets & this grooming starts at the school level. Children come to school as unpolished gems, as the teachers and educationists we cut and polish them to prepare the future citizens of India. A Teacher’s job is never done as, “Life is Education” but at the school level we give our best to groom the children into worthy human beings.

When a good school comes into existence, the children, the parents, the educators and community members all come together, lot of giving & receiving takes place in a learning environment which accords full respect to each other. Such a school is primarily responsible for setting a caring environment, continuously working on an exemplary and successful teaching learning, extra-curricular and Co-curricular practices with a decision making model which provides an identity to the child and thus the school becomes a transforming place with improved goals, accountability and instructional facilities. In a climate of trust, collaborative framework at school and parental involvement are essential for successful transformation. This transformation helps the child to move into an intimate zone with the school climate supported by the teaching community. This further creates circles of confidence and articulation within the child. The child learns to engage in dialogues and team work. With the emergence of globalization dilution of boundaries is taking place & today’s world calls for partnerships and alliance, technological co-operation, interdependence, co-habitation, co-existence, collaboration, etc.

In the process of quality education, we make the pupils responsible in their abilities to learn aspects of life building, man-making, character-making & assimilation of ideas in a climate of care which leads to what is known as holistic education, Adamas Higher Secondary Model School aims to provide a comprehensive curriculum at all levels. The curriculum is transacted in English medium with qualitative focus on international (global) education for all its students. We at Adamas Higher Secondary Model School have a mission to work with commitment and dedication, coupled with increased professional skills and shared responsibilities in grooming your ward into a strong holistic person who will excel in academics, in co-curricular activities, in technologies and to grow up to assume responsive leadership roles with a global outlook to the world of humanity.
  At this moment I am reminded of a beautiful couplet from the poem

“Stopping by woods on a snowy evening” by Robert Frost:

“The Woods Are Lovely, Dark and Deep
But I Have Promises to Keep
And Miles to Go Before I Sleep
And Miles to Go Before I Sleep”
  Our tasks and responsibilities are no less enormous. Our commitment to education is very firm and clear. We only pray to Lord Almighty that he may give us sufficient strength and will power to complete our task and fulfill our promises.
    Timir Kumar Sengupta
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