Adamas Higher Secondary Model School
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Teachers - facilitators of learning :
Adamas Higher Secondary Model School positions the teacher at the apex of the learning process. The teacher is no longer the 'provider' of all knowledge. He or she is a 'facilitator', who uses new technology to engage learners to explore for themselves the world of knowledge. The teacher at AHSMScontinuously renews and updates subject knowledge & pedagogy with 30 days of Faculty Training Workshops. The teacher at AHSMS is a leader and motivator; role model and mentor; learner and innovator. His motto is ‘Leading by example’. Comfortable with emerging technology as tools for learning and evaluation the teachers extensively use multi-media and audiovisual classroom aids.
A Mentor and Role Model :
The teacher at AHSMS in varying capacities of subject teacher, house tutor, house mentor, activity guide or even as a fellow sportsperson, develops a close rapport and relationship with the small group of students under his/her charge. This comforts and inspires the student to learn and grow in an atmosphere of affection, warmth, trust and openness. Positive and enabling environment helps the student to delve into the treasury of talent and merit within.
Teacher- Learning to be a Learner First :
Keeping in view the rigorous demands of our curriculum and pedagogy, teacher training and competence enhancing are at the core of the learning processes deployed by AHSMS. While the school closes for 90 days in a year over two breaks of 45 days each, the AHSMS teachers avail only 60 days of annual holidays in a year. The rest of the time (30 days in two blocks of 15 days each) is devoted to faculty development programs (FDP) to update and continuously realign subject content and pedagogy.
Our team of mentors
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