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Student's Speaks
Name of the student : Avik Debata
Class : XII
I passed my Madhyamik Examination from Tamluk Hamilton High School with 97% marks. I have joined Adamas Higher Secondary Model School to fulfil my dream of becoming a renowned doctor in future. I am prepared for the competitive examinations here with utmost care. Thank You – AHSMS.  
Name of the student : Subhankar Dutta
Class : XII
I cleared my Madhyamik Examination with 92% from Khan Saheb Awad High School. My family is not very well off. Here, in Adamas Higher Secondary Model School I have received a lot of support from my teachers. The atmosphere, the faculty, the well equipped Library & Laboratory here has helped me to work harder to achieve my dream of becoming an engineer one day and support my family.  
Name of the student : Ajmail Mandal
Class : XI
I come from Khalsi, Dakshin Dinajpur. I passed CBSE Class X Exam from Techno India Group Public School, Balurghat with grade CGPA10. I wish to express my gratitude to Adamas Higher secondary model school for giving me a chance to be a student of this institution. The School concentrates on the overall development of students. Apart from aiming at academic growth it also aims at improving the moral values of students. Our school has set the foundation for events that have inspired students to move out of the classrooms to enhance skills and develop personality through various activities. Students are taught leadership qualities and are trained for their bright future.  
Name of the student : Ritam Adhikari
Class : XI
I come from Tamluk, East Midnapore. I passed Madhyamik Exam from Ramkrishna Mission Boys’ Home High School, Rahara with 91.30% marks. Our school is enriched with competent and dedicated faculty members to bring out the best in students. Fully equipped air-conditioned laboratories, library, language lab and internet facility are available for students to provide us on-hand experience. The school has been a constant source of knowledge and inspiration for me which has not only enhanced my knowledge about the subject but also polished my personality.  
Name of the student : Nilanjan Chowdhury
Class : XI
I come from Dimapur, Nagaland. I appeared in the Class-X Examination from Nagaland Board and I passed with 92.5% marks. After I came here, I felt for the first time in my life that to be a good engineer is more important and challenging than to become a mere engineer. To meet this challenge, I study for about 15-16 hours regularly. Now I am quite confident that I will become a very good engineer in future. I am thankful to AHSMS for this.  
Name of the student : Akash Saha
Class : XI
After passing out my CBSE class- X with CGPA 10 I joined this institution. .Qualified faculties and regular mock test series is one of the best part about AHSMS which let us feel special than the rest. AHSMS has been a good learning experience for me, opening up a number of opportunities. The course structure gives a good grounding in science theory as well as application and has been complemented by eminent guest faculties from adamas career and seminars on a number of diverse topics which added immense value to our classroom learning. The number of students per batch is very less .So we got a lot of support and guidance from our teachers who are very encouraging and accessible and have always guided us with our ideas and problems. Apart from this the experience was very good as I interacted with people from all over the country.  
Name of the student : Anirban Roy
Class : XI
I have Passed out from WBBSE with 86.42% marks. When you are in an environment where everyone trusts each other and cares about each other, great ideas are generated and fun is had. Studying in AHSMS is not only about challenging yourself, it is more about consciously going beyond your own limits. And that is not about the destination but about the exciting and sometimes tough journey that the dynamic life at AHSMS ensures. Now after about six months I am very confident about fulfiling my dream of becoming an engineer. Apart from schooling I get coaching for various competitive medical entrance examinations as well by expert faculties from Adamas Career.  
Name of the student : Faiek Ahsan
Class : XI
I am from Murshidabad . I passed Madhyamik Examination with 90% from WBBSE Board . I always dreamt of becoming an engineer. But after spending a few months in AHSMS I realised it is more important to study engineering from a reputed college . Quality and prestige are very important for me, therefore I chose AHSMS . We use materials prepared by best faculties in the field. The tuition fees are also reasonable and the price is cheaper than in other schools at the top level. If you want high quality education then you should come to AHSMS.  
Name of the student : Sneha Khan
Class : XI
I passed out from WBBSE Board with 88% MARKS. To be honest, after a few weeks AHSMS really have became my second home. There are several reasons for this. First, the school helped our incoming class to get know each other informally first, so we really are a team now, and it is amazing for me to be around these people! Second, the integrated curriculum is well developed, so we do not waste time on learning things we don’t need for competitive examinations. Third, teachers explain everything well, are always ready to help, and motivate us to study by many unusual practical assignments in or after class. Fourth, AHSMS has a special atmosphere: nice classrooms, good facilities and caring staff, so literally everything is done for the students’ comfort. Frankly speaking, I have no doubts that my decision to study at Adamas Higher Secondary Model School is right.  
Name of the student : Sagnik Saha
Class : XI
I hail from Nadia . I passed out from ICSE board with Grade- A. Never had I imagined that studying science might have been so interesting and full of real-life experience before I entered here. Because of the special training imparted by expert faculties I believe that a couple of years at AHSMS will develop my mathematical, reasoning and competitive quotient . Along with interesting lectures by experienced faculties you will get not only great friends and lifetime contacts but also the highest level of education.  
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