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Canteen :
We at AIT (Adamas Institute of Technology) cannot think of our college life without our ADAMAS KNOWLEDGE CITY canteen.

The importance of our canteen beggars description. It is very important for a college because students can take food from there without going to the outside stores/restaurants or hotels. Besides, it also assures safe food that is impossible to elsewhere. Some students have to come in college from distance place. They become hungry. They need to take some snacks. All the students can take some foods from the college canteen. It has other importance also. It becomes a meeting place. When students become bored they need to relax. In the canteen, students can take part in gossiping in the period of taking food. Our canteen removes both their monotony and hunger. Students come and sit here. They take tea and other light foods.

Students depend much on college canteen. It is the reliable source of their taking foods. Sometimes the outside hotels provide hygienic and poor quality foods that are harmful for health. Students have to take such kind of foods because of the lack of the college canteen. Taking harmful foods from outside hotel or food shop, students may suffer from different kinds of diseases. As a result, they cannot pay attention to their studies. Cholera, typhoid, dysentery are break out in an epidemic form. Any student cannot escape from the suffering of the lack of canteen, so do we at AKC.

There are different kinds of food items are available in college canteen. Canteen provides the students with tea, coffee, biscuits, bananas, bread-butter, singara, parata, momo and cold drinks, biryani, fried-rice, chilly-chicken etc. It is furnished with sufficient furniture. A lot of chairs and tables are here. Sometimes, a flower garden is by the side of the AIT canteen. Students come to college canteen for taking food. But some of them also pass time there by gossiping. Sometimes, they also discuss about the affairs of home and abroad which help to enrich their knowledge.

Our college canteen is a part and parcel of AIT’s life. It is a genuine lifeline for AIT students.
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