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Adamas Institute of Technology is another feather in the cap of RICE GROUP which already boasts of Education Institutes such as RICE, Adamas International School etc. Each of these institutions has revolutionized the education system in their respective fields and has set up an example that is being followed by others. I remember when RICE began its journey in 1985, the necessity of this institute was questioned by some people, but in the long run it has created its own place in the field of education. Now this institution is a symbol of hope and confidence for the youths of our State. In the last 2 decades more than 75,000 candidates who have passed out of the institute are well established in Central Government and State Government Departments all over India. RICE has created a history and acts as a model in the field of competitive examinations not only in State but also in India.

Adamas International School represents another facet of success of the RICE GROUP. When generally in our State School Education System became dependent on private tuition with extreme pressure of class work and notes reducing the joy of childhood, Adamas International School independently has been trying to regain the spirit of School Education system and trying to restore the balance of the joys and happiness of childhood as well as building the intelligence property of India.

We believe that talent is our only wealth and we have generated this intelligent property generation by generation through a meticulously devised education system. This is the only way of becoming the most powerful country in the world, by creating more intelligent Indians.

As Chairman of the Group I dream that each boy and girl of all my educational Institutes will be an instrument in developing a powerful India, not only through intelligence, but also by carrying the moral culture of ancient India.

Adamas Institute of Technology is the first step of Adamas Knowledge City. I strongly believe and I will ensure that Adamas Institute of Technology too will be the new destination for the upcoming generation in our country who wants to be a good technocrat for the centuries to come. Within 2 years from today this institution will earn its fame with the help of infrastructural support and able guidance provided by us. It will act as an instrument of creating new knowledge technocrats in our State whose presence will create separate identity amongst other engineers. You think of 1100 million Indians who have not got an opportunity to get the minimum of education, health service and clothes. Try to keep this thing in your mind and remember that you are one amongst the millions of Indians who can make his or her country strong and can bring prosperity as well. Because of your efforts, one day it will surely happen that at night all the Indian people will go to bed with a full stomach and with good quality of food. You should not prepare yourself to appear for interview just in your hometown i.e. campus; rather you should prepare yourself to be a global engineer and your interview arena and your placement will be the global world.
Mr. Samit Ray
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